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tomatoes & two peas in a pod

One thing that's true about Polish people is that we're super resourceful. Before anything gets disposed off, first question always is "Can this be used for anything else?" More times than not, it's a definite yes!

Growing up, I was told, "Everything must be eaten off my plate! Otherwise it's a sin!" And although, over the years, I've learned that leftovers are always (the better) choice, as a child it was good disciplining by my parents because the garbage (or "garbedz") shouldn't be the first option.

Food is a great example of where leftover ingredients can be used for different dishes the next day. The world has evolved into thinking everything is a one and done deal, but if you just give it just a little bit of thought, it usually has a second use.

And if you look beyond food, there's many reusable household items we own. For example, when I am on the hunt for a good smelling candle I am also looking out for the type of glass container it's in. So that when the candle is finished, I pour boiling water into the empty glass, let the wax melt, have it float to the top to dry, then I clean the whole thing and reuse it as storage for all sorts of items like jewelry or even vitamins!

After making this video, I actually remembered one other peculiar thing my mom used nylons for as a household necessity, and that was tying pantyhose to the end washer hose in the laundry, to gather all the lint being drained during the spin cycle. And although it looked and felt very strange (!!!) it served its purpose back in the day when washers & dryers were not what they are today.

If you've got yourself a growing garden, check the house for some lightly used nylons & feel good about being resourceful!


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